ᐅTop99+ Good Morning Messages To Kickstart Your Day

Good Morning Message

Looking for Best Good Morning Messages? then you can find here many more articles about morning messages which you can send to your Family, Friends, Relation and love ETC. A good morning message can kick-start a sweet day with full motivation, and also you can send it to your friend on Whatsapp, Facebook ETC.

Good Morning Messages.

Good Morning Messages.

It’s not bad to be a dumb…
half of the world is dependent on a machine with zero IQ.. !

Dont always adjust with others in life,
find smtym and enjoy being urself.
bcoz True relations never break wen u b urself.

A night hug warms the heart,
A night kiss brightens the day,
& a gd morning to start your day!

It makes me so happy, this is what Im gonna do, send a gud morning sms right back to you, Good Morning my Friend,

An Ideal Day should begin with
A Cute little yawn on ur Face
A Cup of Coffee in ur Hand
An SMS 4m me on ur mobile?!

Hi, friend i am coming to meet u
in the way of first ray of morning sun coming on your face
just to say.

Today’s weather Report:
U’ll have Rain of Blessings
Wind of Joy, Fog of Peace
Dews of Love, Snow of Happiness
& blossom of GOD’S GRACE!

My wishes are silent but true,
Everywhere they will follow U…
Luck is yours, wishes are mine…
I wish your present and future
always shine…

Dreams visit us when we are asleep
but GOD is truly wise,
he wakes us up each day
& gives us every chance
to make our dreams come true!

Shining ANGEL Stands, Beside Your Silky Bed,
Calling Ur Nice Name So Softly,
Throwing Flowers On you
And Saying.

See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for you, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U Good Morning.

Best Relations are like beautiful street lamps.
They may not make the distance shorter but they light ur path & make the journey easier.

A word of encouragement from a true person during failure, is worth more than an hour of praise by anyone after success!!!!!!!!!!

Morning is not only sunrise but a beautiful miracle of GOD.
that defeats the darkness and spread light.
may this be one more beautiful day 4 u.

The world suffers a lot,
not bcoz of the violence of bad ppl,
but bcoz of the silence of GOOD PPL.

“Even the Most Powerful Man is Weaker in front of the Most Happiest Man in the World”
So Always Be Happy…

Six ways to be happy:
1. Free ur heart from hate.
2. Free ur mind from worry.
3. Live simple.
4. Expect less.
5. Always smile.

New friends r like POEMS.
but old friends r like ALPHABETS…
don’t 4gt ur old friends,
because u always need ALPHABETS 2 read POEMS.

The greatest memories in LIFE are not always about
where u were
what u had done…
Sometimes it’s more about
who shared that MOMENT with u…

SenSational quote about my ATTITUDE:
“I can
My FriendS
are Perfect
I’AM The ‘BESt’ Example Of Their Choice..!!

Read this slowly,
What did U read?
God is nowhere
God is Now Here
Just a beautiful line to say…
‘Life depends on the way u think’

I’d like mornings better,
If my mornings started with you.

Don’t Point Out Other People’s Flaws,
You’re Not Perfect
You Have To Look In The Mirror _ _ Before _ _ You Can Look Out The Window…

There Comes A Time In Life
When You Have To Let Go Of All The Pointless Drama & People Who Create It…
And Surround Yourself With The People Who Make You Laugh So Hard…
That You Forget The Bad & Focus Solely On Good. After All
Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But HAPPY

When Pride Rolls Me Down,
Humbleness Pulls Me Up;
When Lie Cracks Me Down,
Truth Builds Me Up;
When Sins Makes Me Dark,
Forgiveness Make Me Light;
When World Push Me Away,
My ALLAH Pulls Me Near.

A Warm Good Morning
Larger Than D Sea!
Wider Than What Eyes Can See!
Soft Like Silk Should Be!
Sweeter Than
Honey of The Bee…

New morning
+New aim
+New decision
+New dream
+New idea
+New thinking
+New ambition
May God give u everything in life.

Forget the things that made you sad
and remember those that made you glad.
Forget the troubles that passed away
and remember the blessings that come each day.

A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking u to Forget all ur Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone Who Wants to See You Happy gd mrng.

“The Greatest gift V can give to Someone is d Purity of our Affection”

King Alexander’s last words – “Keep my hands outside my grave so the world knows, the man who won the world had nothing in his hand when dying”…

You are not what others think of you…But you are what you think of yourself… Good Morning. Enjoy the day…

Knock! Knock! may I come into your world?
I bring, no gifts, no flowers but wishes to keep you fresh and prayers to keep u healthy and love to keep u smiling………… Good Morning…!!!

My thought is silent but real,
Everywhere they will follow U…
Luck is yours, wishes are mine.
I wish your present and future
always shine…

A flower doesn’t stop smiling if it’s beauty is not appreciated…
likewise, we shouldn’t stop smiling
for Life to Smile back soon again & appreciation to follow.

You blame people and your surroundings for your unhappiness.
As long as you believe the world is causing you sorrow,
there will never be a solution to your problems…
So just cheer up..!!!

Don’t confuse your path with your destination.
Just because its stormy now doesn’t mean u aren’t headed for sunshine.

You’Re The Winter Sun,
You’Re The Summer Breeze,
On A December Rose,
You’re A Drop Of Dew,
After Cloudy Nights,
Of Good Morning Shimmer,
You’re The First Ray,
You’re The First Ray…

Open Ur Shoni Shoni Eyes!
So The Sun Can Rise,
Flowers Can Blossom,
Birds Can Sing,
Bcoz All R Waiting
2 see Ur
Sweet Sweet Smile.

A strong thought:
Never make a bit of gap between the dear ones,
coz u will never bear d pain
when d gap is filled by someone else…

Some beautiful flowers…
to bring fragrance to your life
Wish u a Sweet Morning !!!

I Never explain myself to anyone’
person who likes me,
doesn’t need it…
Nd Prsn who dislikes me,
wont believe it…

You’re mah strength…
You’re mah world…
You’re mah beautiful poem…
Which always mah loneliness heard….!!!

Beautiful lines told by a boy after proposing to a girl
‘take ur own tym ,but dont take my life time’…

All mornings are like Paintings:-
U need a little inspiration to get going,
a little smile to brighten up
An SMS from someone who cares to color ur day…

Success and suffering are vitally & organically linked.
If you succeed without suffering,
it is because someone suffered for you;
if you suffer without succeeding,
it is in order that some 1 else may succeed after you.

Once in life do fall in love,
not necessarily with a person
but with an idea
a dream
an ambition!
More often it’ll b a reason to wake up with a smile…

Every beautiful is not always good, but every good is always beautiful.
Being important is not always good, but being good is always important.

I Went To Sleep Last Night With A Smile
B’Coz I Knew I’d B Dreaming Of U
But I Woke Up This Morning With A Smile
B’Coz U Wasn’t A Dream.

For every Success of a person, there will b a Countless Pain in his Heart
And that Pain makes him a Successful Person in Life”
good morning… Have a nice day !!

I can appreciate coffee without cream, nights without lights, meals without rice, a burger without cheese, but never a day without greeting U.

Feel the pleasure of life
in every second.
Never be angry or sad,
B’coz every 1 min of ur sadness
You lose 60 seconds of happiness…
keep smiling…

People often change for two reasons- it can b either that u have learned enough that u want 2 change OR u have been hurt enough that u need 2 change!!

Very little is needed2have a happy Life.
it is all within yourself.
in ur ways of thinking.
No matter what u do,
do it with L0VE in ur HEART…

Dear Friend!
Your Remaining
Sleeping Time
Has been Expired
Leave Ur Bed
Open Ur Eyes
And c Ur Mobile
I wish U

Zoological y
I want
Good Morning!!!

Knock! Knock!
May I come into Ur world?
I bring no flowers, no cakes.
But wishes to keep U fresh,
Prayer to keep U healthy,
And love to keep U smiling.
“Good Morning”

Life is full of beautiful things.
soft sunset pointed Rainbow, dedicate blossoms,
love & laughter, Quiet moments & fantastic people like U & ME