Cute love quotes in english.

Our love.

Holding your hands & kissing you
Feeling your sweet & soft lips too
Cuddling keeping each other warm
You keeping me safe from harm
Under the stars tonight
Along with the moonlight
Realizing this is reality
Because with you dreams can never compare
To all the things we have shared
Because our love is undreamable.

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Everytime I See.

Everytime i see your face
my heart beat is moving fast
i don’t know why
all i know is i love you.

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Love Me Less.

Love me less but love me long.

If Loving You Is Wrong.

If loving you is wrong i don’t wanna be right because being right mean being without you right here by my side.

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True Love Is Not By The Words.

If i say i love you,don’t be too glad about it because time tells.
Because true love is not by the words of mouth,but of that of the heart..

true love quotes

Being With The One Who Loves You.

Being with the one who loves you is better then being with the one you love when he doesn’t love you.

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