Breakup Love Quotes.

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💔Give All You Have.💔

You can give all you have,  unless you find someone who will give back. All you’re doing is giving away yourself.

breakup quotes

😞Lies and Deception.😞

Don’t think my heart is a theater for your lies and deception because you will watch the play in your heart.

break up quotes

😢Moving On.😢

Moving on is not about…
“Cut the communication,delete the number, ignore, Avoid and Forget..”
it is about accepting the fact
“She Is not for you, and you for her..”
you don’t have to be bitter when you know you can be better.

lost love quotes

😥Be Careful To Whom You Give Your Heart.😥

Be careful to whom you give your heart because you don’t only give your heart you also give the right to hurt you.

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😩To Be In Relationship Is Not The Only Way.😩

To be in relationship isn’t the only way to be in love, one-sided love is in its own way, a complete love.

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